Our Current Class Program and Schedule

Kickboxing training utilizes the eight striking weapons of the human body: punching, kicking, knees and elbows. The training consists of partner exercises and drills to develop striking speed, power, accuracy and agility.

Students learn the use of Heavy Bags, Focus Mitts, Thai Pads along with Kicking Shields. The training is accompanied by training rounds of 2 to 3 minute durations excellent for conditioning and burning major calories. Sparring is encouraged, but only when the student is ready and at the discretion of the instructor.


Our classes are designed to provide you with personal attention and assistance. They are an excellent complement to your weight-workout routine.

Course 1: Kickboxing for Beginners


Features of the course:

  • designed for all ages
  • careful instruction by professional trainers
  • basic / advance kickboxing techniques (attacks & defense)
  • use of training equipment
  • proper range and distance using footwork



Mon-Wed-Fri    7:15pm to 8:15pm



Shawn House, Louie Concepcion


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